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KickStarter is Live!

KickStarter: Link

I’m so excited!  We’ve been working hard to perfect the Lore Bits!  They are perfect for Game Money, Tokens, or Hoarding.


How could you resist supporting them on KickStarter?

C’mon you know you want toooo……

Link: Lore Bits Kickstarter

Note:  3/10/15.  Okay, so the kickstarter campaign hasn’t gotten off to the best start.  I’ve actually gotten more marketing companies contacting me instead of subscribers.  As of yet, not one seems to have read the campaign.  I’ll let you know when I get at least one that knows what Lore Bits are.

Kickstarter seems to have buried the campaign.  I even have problems finding it unless using a direct link.   While projects like exploding kittens get lots of love, not so much independents who make great products.  The only solution that I’ve heard for that problem is buy lots and lots of advertising.  That would push up the price of the products.  In addition, it seems to go against the spirit of kickstarter, which is to fund independent projects.

But who knows, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised if Kickstarter picks it as a good project.  🙂

It runs until April 22nd, 2015.

If it’s not successful, I still have faith in my Lore Bits.  They will make a great addon product at game stores.  Something by the register for people to buy.