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The Middle Zone

Kickstarter thoughtfully sent me an an email that I shouldn’t worry that the project has gone quiet.  It’s the middle part and usually projects get most of their funding at the beginning and the end of the project.

I bought some glow in the dark paint yesterday, that I hope will work out.  While the project has gone dark for now, I’m still busy doing R&D, looking for that perfect color of red, and busy making a holiday campaign for facebook.

For a project that I started in January of this year, I’ve been happy to ship out thousands of Lore Bits.  The road is bumpy from time to time and sometimes you have to hold your breath.  Especially when you have to order thousands of glass domes that will arrive months into the future.

I just got back from mailing some more packages out.  The mail box person, just waved, took the package, and told me that she could see me coming.

I think that these shiny game tokens have legs and I will be shipping them out for a long time.  I can see that coming.


Laura Dodson

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Kickstarter Pt 2 – Resource Tokens

This week Paper Butterfly Forge launched a second kickstarter to support resource tokens.  We learned a lot during the first kickstarter project.

Product size: People like packages of ten.  We will be adding that option to this website.

People were not that fond of the color pink.  Not sure why, it’s a perfectly fine color.  Maybe not for dnd, though.

Shipping payment issues.  More people were willing to pay more for the tokens if I lowered the shipping prices.  Okay…….  I can do that!

We spent some R&D time on how to accurately add images to glass tokens.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  I have to repeat the same image at least 1,000 times each year.  It took some fiddling, but I have it figured out now.

The token size is also increasing.  It makes it easier to make the image on the glass.

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33 Days to go on Lore Bit’s KickStarter

Please support the Lore Bits Kickstarter.  Or buy them from Paper Butterfly Forge.  🙂

Hmmmm……. hmmmmm…. Only 12% funded………  It’s too bad that more people aren’t interested.  I don’t have a wish and a dream about the kickstarter project.  I have already made plenty of samples.  Lore Bits look and feel great when using them as game counters.


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34 Days until the Lore Bits KickStarter Ends!

Kickstarter Link: Lore Bits

Hey, Hope you guys are having a great day!  I know this blog doesn’t get any comments, but I see people visit this page all the time. 🙂

So Lore Bits started out as glass dome comic book magnets.  Like this one:

Jane Grey Magnet


While I was talking to my guy about game night it occured to me that these would make great game counters or tokens for game night.  We use these all the time to track lives, health and remaining turns.  It’s very helpful.

However, I’ve noticed that many game counters are rather bland, are just landscaping stones that have been repurposed.  I thought I could make a better product.

Taaaa daaaaa!!!!!  Lore Bits!

Kickstarter 1

They are on Kickstarter until April 22nd, 2015.  Consider purchasing them there or on my humble website that you are currently on.  The price is doubling after the Kickstarter to be competitive with other custom game markers/meeples.

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35 Days Until the Lore Bits Kickstarter ends

Ummmm…. please support!!!!!

The game counters/tokens are well worth your support.  I’m probably going to double the price after the Kickstarter ends.  Hand finished game tokens are really, really, really rare in our world of factory made goods.  I had priced them to compete with factory made goods, but maybe that’s the wrong approach.

35 more days to go!  Get them at the lower price while you can!


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36 Days to go on Kickstarter

36 days to go and the Lore Bits Kickstarter has cracked 10% funding and has 7 supporters.  I’m not sure it’s going to fully fund.  But I’ve been assured that the last 48 hours of a kickstarter may see an increase in sponsors.


I get plenty of orders from other places besides kickstarter, so it’s all good.  However, they were specifically designed for Kickstarter and it’s game playing peeps.  So this is dissappointing.  I haven’t given up on it though.

I’ve gotten an email asking if I can make it in a larger size.  Not for now.  If I can’t get enough people to pledge to buy the 18mm size; I don’t see the reason for spending a few thousand on making custom sizes.  Plus, one guy asked for a custom package, but he hasn’t purchased the custom package, yet.  Or maybe he’s one of the 48 hour people.  Who knows. 🙂

Here’s hoping for more positive news about the Kickstarter.




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40 Days Until the Lore Bits Kickstarter finishes.

Here’s the short link, in case you can’t find the other 20,000 places that I’ve posted it.

A part of me wonders if I should be promoting my own website as much as I’m posting the Kickstarter link.  Would this energy be better served if I posted my own links 20 times a day?  What about 40 links a day?

I’m working on this day and night.  Answering questions on Kickstarter, posting new rewards, and generally being on high alert every moment of every day.  Forty more days?  Yeeks!

It is not fully funded yet.  Not even 10% funded yet.  Should I have made it for a $100 and not $2000?  What will happen if it doesn’t get funded?  Lore Bits are a great product.  It’s a matter of getting them in to the right hands.

Just nervousing!

It would be great if there was a magic wand that would help it get noticed.  There is no magic wand, of course.  The Oatmeal’s kickstarter was fantasically successful just a few weeks ago.  The Pebble watch thingy was even more successful.  Maybe I’m on the wrong crowdfunding site if all Kickstarter is interested in is large projects that generate a lot of fees for them.

Oh.  Dear.   That might be the problem.

I’ve still been contacted by more marketers than potential purchasers.  Growth Hacking is apparently the latest marketing buzzword.  Too bad.  I rather liked SEO expert.  It had the word expert modified by SEO.  Which is fancy speak for someone who knows how to manipulate Google’s algorythim.

If you do see this post, go check out the kickstarter.  If you see this post after the kickstarter ends (April 22nd, 2015) , make sure you check out the shop on this website.  You can buy the Lore Bits at a reasonable price, support a small business and get some super shiny game tokens!

 Note:  Please send more comments about how many hits I’m missing out on google, search engines, and everything else.  It’s good to know that I’m missing out on 300 unique visitors a day.


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KickStarter is Live!

KickStarter: Link

I’m so excited!  We’ve been working hard to perfect the Lore Bits!  They are perfect for Game Money, Tokens, or Hoarding.


How could you resist supporting them on KickStarter?

C’mon you know you want toooo……

Link: Lore Bits Kickstarter

Note:  3/10/15.  Okay, so the kickstarter campaign hasn’t gotten off to the best start.  I’ve actually gotten more marketing companies contacting me instead of subscribers.  As of yet, not one seems to have read the campaign.  I’ll let you know when I get at least one that knows what Lore Bits are.

Kickstarter seems to have buried the campaign.  I even have problems finding it unless using a direct link.   While projects like exploding kittens get lots of love, not so much independents who make great products.  The only solution that I’ve heard for that problem is buy lots and lots of advertising.  That would push up the price of the products.  In addition, it seems to go against the spirit of kickstarter, which is to fund independent projects.

But who knows, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised if Kickstarter picks it as a good project.  🙂

It runs until April 22nd, 2015.

If it’s not successful, I still have faith in my Lore Bits.  They will make a great addon product at game stores.  Something by the register for people to buy.