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Paper Butterfly Forge creates recycled book journals, upcycled book art and other small gift items. This partly born of my lifetime love of reading, writing in journals and the fun of finding new purposes for old items.  Recycling older books into beautiful things rekindles the use of dusty books.

The bookbinder is Laura Dodson.  She loves reading and writing.  Perhaps not publishing the writing, but she has journaled since the third grade.  Her third grade teacher had a daily writing assignment to write a journal that has lasted almost 40 years now.  Along the way, she developed a fondness for unique and cool notebooks with quality paper.  She started making her own book journals as a fun project.  After an extended period of trying to make handmade paper in damp Seattle. (Hint: the seeds might sprout), she started making the book journals for other people.

Today, you will find her journals at various craft markets, better gift shops, and craft fairs.

The idea for Lore Bits generated while creating Comic Book glass magnets.  The small idea has bloomed into a successful product line. Made in our small workshop in Seattle, they  are truly a small business product. We’ve figured out a secret sauce to make a complicated process into a shiny game token. Do you want a specific color?  Request it!

Please contact us for wholesale or distribution prices.

Located in Seattle, WA.

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  1. Greetings!

    I have a question about your Recycled Book Journals. If I sent you a book, would you be willing to turn it into a journal? If so, do you have any criteria that the book would have to meet to be eligible for recycling?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. I’ve sent a message with more information. 🙂

  2. I love love love your concept! I am a crazy journaling addict and am also a writer who has many projects in the works but so far, only published in newspapers and magazines. I am looking for a travelers notebook cover style. Could you create a soft cover somehow?

    1. Sure! There are a few different directions that it could go. A soft cover with a clear plastic report cover, a laminated book cover, and a non-stabilized paper back cover. Of the three, I like the clear plastic cover the best. I could also mount the paper back cover or a map to a thinner chip board cover. Did you have a particular book or map in mind? Would you like some extras like folders or envelopes? I can also provide a strap to go around the book to keep it closed.

      The world of possibilities opens when you are hand crafting books. 🙂

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