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Gluing Book Jackets to Book Covers

I’m getting ready this morning to glue book jackets to book covers. Most of these are 1980’s science fiction book club books. Many of them are classic titles that are well regarded.

At the time of this writing the covid-19 crises has been around for about 4 months. At the same time there is a quite a bit of protesting and calls to action for Black Lives Matter. Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood is now called the CHOP and has declared it’s independence. There is also some evidence that wearing a mask is an appropriate way to reduce risk for yourself and others. It’s debatable whether or not people will actually comply with the requirements. Basically, my 2020 calendar has a lot of stuff cancelled and giant blank spots for the rest of the year.

So what does one have to do with the other? This pile of books is from a small family owned gift shop that is closing. When I went to pick up the books (they had sold my journals there) there was a crowd there in the shopping area. In some of these classic books they discuss the apocalypse and how people behave. Would people go shopping during a pandemic without masks? I had never thought about it. But some of these classic science fiction writers had thought about it and wrote these books.

These are not perfect books, of course. A fair number of these classic science fiction books were not written with today’s standards; either for lack of information dumps or inclusivity. So do I feel bad about tearing down these classic books and reducing the pages to what is currently not problematic? Nope. There were plenty of book club editions printed, people will like the iconic covers, and you can write or draw your own story in the classic science fiction novel.

It’s a couple days later and here are some of the book covers that have the book jacket pasted on them. I still need to transform them into journals.

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Downloads and Dictionary Prints

I’ve been making digital prints lately. I *should* be adding them on a regular basis.

They can used as collage paper or as a print. I look forward to seeing what people do with them!

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New Retail Outlet! Otherworlds in Edmonds, WA

Recent Book Journals

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Otherworlds up at the Fairhaven Steampunk Festival.  After talking a bit, you can now purchase my book journals at the Otherworlds store in Edmonds.


203 5th Ave S, Suite 2
Edmonds, Washington 98020

They are a steampunk and geeky themed store where you can purchase art, games and books.  They also host a wide variety of events. If you live in the Seattle area love geeky things and haven’t visited their shop, you are missing out!

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The Middle Zone

Kickstarter thoughtfully sent me an an email that I shouldn’t worry that the project has gone quiet.  It’s the middle part and usually projects get most of their funding at the beginning and the end of the project.

I bought some glow in the dark paint yesterday, that I hope will work out.  While the project has gone dark for now, I’m still busy doing R&D, looking for that perfect color of red, and busy making a holiday campaign for facebook.

For a project that I started in January of this year, I’ve been happy to ship out thousands of Lore Bits.  The road is bumpy from time to time and sometimes you have to hold your breath.  Especially when you have to order thousands of glass domes that will arrive months into the future.

I just got back from mailing some more packages out.  The mail box person, just waved, took the package, and told me that she could see me coming.

I think that these shiny game tokens have legs and I will be shipping them out for a long time.  I can see that coming.


Laura Dodson

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Almost completed with the Kickstarter rewards shipping

Lore Bits Game Tokens Being Sorted


It’s been a long road to get to this step.  I’ve just started working on the final batch for the Lore Bits Kickstarter.  It’s about a month late and  there have been a lot of late nights.  Unfinished Lore Bits even melted in a hot car!  I hadn’t finished putting on the backing, but I wanted to get more finished during a long planned trip.  Put them in a plastic box drove across town and when I checked on the, the paint was melting off the glass.  I guess I should have paid more attention in high school chemestry.  Turns out, if you heat uncured paint, it can reliquify.

But the end is in sight!



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Lore Bit Game Tokens Color Variations

Here are the different Lore Bit’s colors.  We also are going to add the Kickstarter rewards on Monday to this website.

I still have hope that it will fully fund, however at 56% and four days to go, it’s not likely to fully fund.

All of these colors are also available as Magnets.

I’d like to do a special shoutout to someone who asked me to create a specific reward for them, but then never actually followed through with pledging.




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53% Funded and Five more Days to Go!

There are five more days to go on the Lore Bits kickstarter.  I’m not sure it’s going to fully fund.  There is always hope, but mathmatically, the numbers don’t quite add up to being at 100%.

Which means that zilch happens when the kickstarter ends.

I will be adding all the rewards to this website after it finishes, rain or shine.  They will be up for about a week and then I’m raising the Lore Bits game counters.  The main feedback that I got on them was the shipping was too high.  I think that we have all gotten used to free shipping from the mighty zon.  The only real adjustment that I can make is to increase the base price and decrease the shipping.

I wish there was a magically shiny place where the post office or fed ex don’t charge for shipping.  Let me know when you find it. 🙂

Onward and upward!