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34 Days until the Lore Bits KickStarter Ends!

Kickstarter Link: Lore Bits

Hey, Hope you guys are having a great day!  I know this blog doesn’t get any comments, but I see people visit this page all the time. 🙂

So Lore Bits started out as glass dome comic book magnets.  Like this one:

Jane Grey Magnet


While I was talking to my guy about game night it occured to me that these would make great game counters or tokens for game night.  We use these all the time to track lives, health and remaining turns.  It’s very helpful.

However, I’ve noticed that many game counters are rather bland, are just landscaping stones that have been repurposed.  I thought I could make a better product.

Taaaa daaaaa!!!!!  Lore Bits!

Kickstarter 1

They are on Kickstarter until April 22nd, 2015.  Consider purchasing them there or on my humble website that you are currently on.  The price is doubling after the Kickstarter to be competitive with other custom game markers/meeples.