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Why Make Stuff?

In our consumer driven society, it can be so much easier to order some factory made goods.  They look the same, they smell the same and let’s face it, they are usually consistent in quality.  All of which lend itself to the McDonaldaztion of America.  Sometimes there is a place for mass produced good.

Why not save a place in your house for hand crafted goods?  Pottery is one thing that comes to mind.  Plenty of potters around who sell their goods at weekend fairs.  What about toys?  Crave something other than plastic?  You might be luck, plenty of crafters make cloth dolls, toys, and wooden blocks.

Does it seem more expensive?  Sure.  But they aren’t mass producing their goods.  They are handcrafted, paying taxes here, and often are of great quality.   And you get to support a small workshop.  Tucked into corners around any large city, they preserve the old crafts.

One of my great loves is making paper.  Unfortunately, my Seattle soggy climate does not lend itself to producing large quantities of paper.  It’s nice making it for my personal use though!

All that fussing around with crafts has made create afghan’s, pillows, crocheting and now Lore Bits and their fridge magnet cousins.  I hope you will find them an excellent addition to your home and game table.

Do you hand craft something that could be ordered from a giant factory?  Send a picture and description,  I might feature it on this blog!


Note:  My humble game counters have been rejected by because they aren’t for a specific game.  Then they rejected my company, because the game counters were rejected.  I’m sure they have a specific rule in place that supports that.  It’s an extremely large website, that I had hoped would provide a tad bit of traffic for the Kickstarter.   But alas, it is not to be.

One more mountain that I need to overcome.

No wonder so many people create their own game review blogs.  I didn’t even know they had that rule.  In addition, they have an old school thread system that I hadn’t seen in over 10 years.  I’m sure it would be a nightmare to migrate everything.  My suggestion?  They should check out BuddyPress for a solution.

Good thing that many more places are welcoming to upstarts like me!