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Etsy Filed to be a Public Company Today

Etsy filed to be a public company today.  I guess that explains why a small store like mine gets ignored.  Oh, but I can promote my goods.  Just pay a tiny fee.  Looks like there have been a lot people doing that from the looks of their S-1 statement that they filed.

I wish them the best of luck.  But if they are in search of someone to pay their filing fees and all that fine stuff, I’m out of there.  Not that they would notice.  I’m sure Paper Butterfly Forge isn’t on their radar.

I’ve helped prepare filings for public companies before and worked with auditors before.  I know it isn’t cheap.  Never mind the millions of sellers they have.  What are their sales?  I’m willing to bet the listing fees exceed the total sales.

A recent ABC news article said over 65% of the sellers make less than a hundred dollars a year on etsy.  I can’t say I was surprised.

It’s clear that some of the products on sale there are made in a factory.  Too many available, too perfect, photoshopped and completely not hand made by artisans.  The last time I checked the glass dome there were over 36,000 results.  I’ve seen products listed that were labeled with Daiso labels. (Japanese Walmart)  I’ve seen supposedly all hand made products with over 200,000 sales by one person.

Earlier this winter, they changed the rules, so you could hire workshops or FACTORIES to produce your products.  You only had to design your product.  Yah, that’s a factory folks.

I guess that the end of the day, I don’t want to pay for some finance whiz’s yacht.   I’d rather buy my own yacht.