Pride and Prejudice Printable Text Block

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I’ve created a downloadable text block for Pride & Prejudice in Adobe InDesign.

It’s formatted for a half letter sized paper.

Why would you need that? It’s for printing signatures for hand bound books.

Printing Instructions for Signatures:

1. Decide how many paper pages you would like in a signature. Then multiple that number out by four pages per paper.

2. Go to print the PDF – Pick the pages to go into the signature. Say 1-12 for a three page signature.

3. Choose the ‘booklet’ setting and double sided printing.

4. Press Print.

The twelve pages should print out in a 3 page signature booklet. Check to be sure they are in the proper order before folding into signatures.

Repeat for the next 12 pages.

I find it’s helpful to have a checklist and to double check every signature before printing the next one. 🙂


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