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Halloween Party Checklist!

Halloween parties were always the best when I was a kid.  We didn’t have to be proper.  We didn’t have to look nice.  And, Best of All: Free Candy!

Here is a to do list for your next Halloween Party:

  •  Send out Invitations
  • Set an ending and a start time.  Many people visit a number of places on Halloween day or weekend.  Let them know the specific time.
  • Make activities age appropriate.  Teenagers may not be fully engaged if they have to do a coloring contest.
  • Serve a buffet instead of a meal.  This will allow picky eaters to choose.
  • Invitations should state whether there will be candy or a meal served.
  • Decorate
  • Reserve Dry Ice in advance.  Make sure the dry ice you order is food grade.  You will need to handle with tongs or rubber gloves.  A punchbowl filled with punch, 7-up, ice cream, and dry ice can be a whizbang addition to your halloween party.