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Write Your Own Story in a Journal

Why should you have a personal writing journal?  The reasons can be complex and simple at the same time.  A journal can help solidify a thought, call others into question, or be the new step in your life.  A journal doesn’t have to be about writing, it could be doodling or drawing your thoughts and perceptions.  Today’s art journals are also a stepping tool into the soul of the creator.  They can be hand drawn, stencils, or collages.  Each one is unique and reflects the heart of the artist or writer that created it.  Starting off with a non-mass produced or altered book is a great way to kick off the creative process.

If you are going to create art on a book page, it might be helpful to add gesso or white background page to a book page to create a good background and to stabilize the page.  Other’s prep by gluing pages together to create a stable surface.

Part of altering a book means letting go of any mistakes.  In real life, I’ve rarely seen an altered book without what the creator would call flaws.  On the internet, everything looks perfect and no mistakes are ever made.  Letting go of the perfection ideals and creating a unique and flawed altered book is part and parcel of the creative process.  Journaling is about acknowledging and giving acceptance to all parts of yourself, just not the perfect ones.

Pinterest and Tumblr are full of perfect journals.  They are perfect for those other people.  Are you creating a journal for Pinterest or yourself?

I enjoy creating blank canvas’s to launch other people’s creativity.  Never mind recreating what I want, explore the process on your own terms and create your own unique journal.



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