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Shimmer Glass Magnets

I’m adding a new product in the next few days.  Golden Shimmering Magnets.  They are fun to make, got a lovely glow and look preeeettttyyyyy……

I’m getting some other colors lined up and hope to have a full line of shimmering glass objects.

They will also be available without the magnets…. Perhaps called Lore Bits?  Game counters and money galore.  Still working out the deets on those.  Should I just make them a plain gold, silver or copper?  Or should they have a denomination. Either way it should be fun!


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Where I ignore all the advice

I have a few different interests and hobbies.  I apologize for intersection of madness and creativity that pops up here.  The shop is a mishmash of products that I make.  Some virtual, some irl, or rpg.  I’ve been told you really need to have specific shops on ebay and other places to sell stuff.

I can’t handle that.  I’m not an insect.  I don’t specialize.  I write for part of the day.  I create for part of the day.  And I design for part of the day.

Please visit my mad shop from time to time.  Don’t hold it against me if there are CPA spreadsheets right next to a BOO! Halloween sign that I made last Halloween.

I’ve redone and redone this website.  First it was a writing blog.  Then it was dead.  Then I found out I could still get the url.  I revived the zombie site.  Then it did crafts.  Then it did role playing game stuff.  Now, it’s my basement of whatever survived the flood of my imagination.


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Halloween Party Checklist!

Halloween parties were always the best when I was a kid.  We didn’t have to be proper.  We didn’t have to look nice.  And, Best of All: Free Candy!

Here is a to do list for your next Halloween Party:

  •  Send out Invitations
  • Set an ending and a start time.  Many people visit a number of places on Halloween day or weekend.  Let them know the specific time.
  • Make activities age appropriate.  Teenagers may not be fully engaged if they have to do a coloring contest.
  • Serve a buffet instead of a meal.  This will allow picky eaters to choose.
  • Invitations should state whether there will be candy or a meal served.
  • Decorate
  • Reserve Dry Ice in advance.  Make sure the dry ice you order is food grade.  You will need to handle with tongs or rubber gloves.  A punchbowl filled with punch, 7-up, ice cream, and dry ice can be a whizbang addition to your halloween party.