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Leaving Etsy after my listings expire

Yesterday, Etsy rolled out the new Pattern subdomain.  Or as they call it, a ‘stand alone website’. Basically, it mirrors your Etsy shop, customers pay through Etsy, they need to be logged into Etsy, etc.  The products also need to be Etsy approved.  Of course, a huge number of Etsy products have IP violations, mass produced, or not handmade in the slightest.  If you glue something onto a product, it’s then considered handmade.  I was recently surprised to know that most tutu sellers buy premade tutu’s and then add bows and stuff to make them ‘handmade.’

That isn’t the reason I’m leaving.  I get much better placement through this website and well, my etsy shop was buried under a ton of mass produced notebooks and journals.  Or at least I assumed they were because they all looked the same and cute sayings on them.  Exactly like notebooks you can buy at walmart.  But heh, etsy is about handmade and vintage, right?

If you try the new pattern site, notice that your website has an Etsy portion.  Now blogspot and wordpress also have blogging platforms that have their name in the titles; so that isn’t always a bad thing. However, when you duplicate content on multiple webpages, google penalizes your webpage.  Most ecomm pages have a real problem with being found.  If there are two websites with the same content, then the one with the most page rank will be featured.  Do you really think that will be the ‘pattern’ subdomain or will it be Etsy prime?

You could get into the fees, but the $15 a month isn’t the deal breaker.  It’s paying for a website that is invisible on google.  Why would you intentionally shoot yourself in the foot like that?

I did log off the forums for the last time and put up a shop announcement that I was slowly closing down the etsy shop.  I took one last swing was through the throngs of people who were asking questions about pattern.

Anyway, hopefully you don’t see this as a negative post.  When someone tries to redefine a commonly known word and then post general statements that ‘we have tried to reduce the risk, etc.’ that clearly mean they have a vague idea of SEO and marketing on the web when there are industry standards that are easy to find and understand, I just grin.

Etsy has been late with shop payments so far in 2016.  Technical details?  Time will be the judge of that situation and if it continues.